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Get to know us

Grab a cuppa, pull up a chair
& get comfy while you get to know us

- believe me I've had 3 already!

Who are we you ask ? , well we are a family of five embracing the bliss of life as free spirits

We unschool our three primary aged children where we embark on some crazy adventures together, in our new life flipping our first house in Tasmania. Where life just happens, with no rhythm , no schedule , no time constraints just good old , going with the flow oh and being able to keep a open mind at all times helps , ha ! - where no two days are the same but everyday is worth living.

So as you now know from the above mentions I LOVE COFFEE - nooo , well that is true! but we are here to talk about why we unschool the kids , yes ! It wasn't much of a surprise there, you know to our families and all, - when we told them we are pulling the kids out of school and going surfing everyday ha' - that is half true! as we have always been abit of the so called

" unconventional bohemian " type parents.- where we were never good at following the how to "parent guides "- instead have always chosen to follow our instincts and the trust we have in our kids abilities in our own parenting style - barefoot parenting.

Embracing Unschooling, alternative living and simple parenting