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Discover How 36,000+ People Have Transformed Their Spare Time Into 20 Million Dollars 

Using This One Simple But Genius Model...

...Without Any Tech Skills, Previous Experience,
OR Sacrificing Their Time Freedom.


Welcome to the RoadMap 3.0 course

A course that won't only help you Master starting your own online business, covering everything from A-Z, and helping you Master online marketing ,allowing you to work from home, travel when you like, all from your iphone and social media, but a course that you can resell as your very own over and over again for a minimum of $497usd and keep 100% profit each time because it comes with MRR (Master Resell License). Now imagine selling just one of these courses a week(simply from your social media? Now imagine selling 1 a day, or 2,4,6 ? This course will teach you EVERYTHING you will ever need to know, to begin your journey to working from home,build up your own business because if your anything like me- You want to LIVE and ENJOY everyday ,where you work for yourself , at home playing with your children ,chasing after your chickens, tending to your gardens and not to your boss .You want to be sitting back , sipping coffee by the van while your travelling with your family because you have mastered how to earn a passive income,you have mastered selling digital products and you have mastered the online world waiting to make you a ton of money.

Are you ready to become the wild and capable boss mom, that I know you can be?

If only I had this course when I first started

This course would have changed everything for me when I started planning and launching my online business back in 2022! Gosh it would have saved me over 4 months of back and forward google and YouTube searching, 2 notebooks full of scribbles, that didn't make sense,when I went to review ,Oh and not to mention the stress and headaches and heartaches when almost a year in, I realised that none of my self- research taught me the most important thing in any business, the marketing part, the part that was going to help me MAKE SALES and make me good money!I would have learnt to monetarise my social media content years ago,through a thing called affiliate marketing . I would have learnt that I could SELL OTHERS PEOPLES PRODUCTS  through a thing could MRR just like this course ,I would have learnt all the in-between of setting up, running, marketing and managing my own online store whether it be a proper website or one I could have created on my social media account in 10 minutes using stan. But I'm so glad ,I found this course now and as I apply my newfound knowledge to my business that has already since- doubled in profits on one platform alone this year (it's only the end of April) then ALL of last year on All of my platforms.

I'm so glad I found this course now so I can share it with you!! To help you quit your 9 to 5, and start that dream business ,I know you have always dreamt about, 

Yes if your anything like me, you need to escape what you are currently doing , get out of that same routine, where you feel stuck!

and start focusing on creating your OWN empire, where you can actually start EARNING at home. This course is trusted by over 40 thousand people -many are mums just like you- absolutely no experience, just a phone and social media, that learnt how to master selling their own products and others peoples products as their own, there even reselling this very course, over and over again- just like you can for $497 usd each time and keep every cent. Because guess what? This course teaches you how to do just that, because we want you to succeed, we want you to join our community of self employed mothers who have showed society, yes we can do it!

Emotional moment betwen mom and her toddler son, Cute young hipster boy playing with toys

This course will help you break free,free to financial freedom!

Here is everything you're going to get access to immediately

The Roadmap Course 3.0 is a comprehensive business, marketing, and automation course with over 250 in-depth, easy to follow video lessons. Each video lesson is put into modules, making it even easier to navigate. This is the one thing I LOVED MOST. That I could actually understand it, and I was NOT overwhelmed. This course is made with a beginner in mind, but is of high value to seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners so believe me when I say just how much this course has HELPED me increase my drive in sales this year alone and all the ways that I have been able to generate passive income from other streams ,that I had no idea existed before this course- Since I brought for myself as a Christmas present last December. I have been learning so much, that i know people who pay 10s of thousands in tuition to learn in business school!

       A little break down of what you will get

  • Complete ownership of Roadmap 3.0 - An already done-for-you course in high demand & ready to be resold over and over again for 100% profit!

  • Everything A-Z about business, marketing, and branding in 240+ videos, resources, and step-by-step easy-to-follow modules.

  • Optional weekly live coaching calls, live content audits, and additional online business trainings, by the roadmap 3.0 team

  • Lifetime access to ongoing course updates & community support groups.

  • Free access to course upgrades and additions for life.

  • Available in both English and Spanish - You will have access to the entire course in both languages.

  • Access to the exclusive community of over 36,000+ members, who are there to help you every step of the way!

  • Learn how to easily create and sell digital products so you can make passive income effortlessly, even from your social media.

  • learn how to master each social media platforms to earn you money! selling other peoples products,  blogging for success & more!

  • plus exclusive access to our MRR vault where you can resell all the products in their as your own, helping you on your journey.


What you will learn in the
Roadmap 3.0 course

Business Foundations


Learn the foundations of being a successful entrepreneur, and how to set up your systems and products for maximum success and sustainable growth.

Mother and Child
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Business Automation


Learn how to automate your business with powerful follow up campaigns and automations. This allows your business to run on autopilot and maximise sales.

Read More

Creating Sales Funnels


Set up simple sales funnels to resell the Roadmap course, or use the strategies to launch any new business or optimize an existing one. You will also learn how to create your own digital products and sell them on your socials!

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Email Marketing


Learn how to create email campaigns that engage and convert. Design, personalize, automate, and analyze for effectiveness!

Working in Cafe
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Blogging for Success

You will learn how to create and write blog content that is effective and captivating and performs well in the search engine. This will drive traffic to your page.

Young Mom
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Content Strategy


You will learn how to effectively market your business or product across many social media outlets. You will learn how to define your target audience (or niche) and create high converting content.

Digital Reading
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Affiliate Marketing


Add additional income to your Digital Marketing business with the power of Affiliate Marketing. Learn how to turn Affiliate Marketing into passive income.You will also learn about MRR (master resell rights) where you can resell other peoples products as your own(take this course for example)

Plant Shop
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Branding Momentum


Learn to develop and implement a strong branding strategy by knowing how to develop your own personal brand and build a strong reputation across multiple channels.

Working Outdoors
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A closer look at the 5 modules
in the Roadmap 3.0 course

Mom and Daughter on Desert

Stage 1- Your foundation

The initial phase is designed to equip you with all the necessary knowledge for establishing a strong foundation for your business. This phase includes an overview of Roadmap 3.0, the advantages of being part of our community, and five key modules: Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism, Understanding Your Niche, Building a Solid Business Base, Tailoring a Business to Your Vision, and Branding Essentials.

Real Testimonies from others who have taken this course.

This is just what some of the thousands of happy customers from this year 2024 have to say.


Brittany D

Hi guys! I wanted to share my testimonial with The Roadmap because it has completely changed my life! I started with this course and a brand new IG (@itsbrittdarling) back in August 2023, and have since made over $55,000 for my family with digital marketing. Not only did the course teach me how to start my own business, but it also taught me how to create my own digital products and now I have a successful business both reselling the course and my own digital products created to help other digital marketers see success in their business. Forever grateful! And the 3.0 update is SO GOOD!



Hi All,

I am brand new to Roadmap- started 2/27 with it and wanted to leave my testimonial for anyone to use and follow my journey! @designerdreaming__ (two underscores). Excited to join this community of like-minded individuals!

I started with The Roadmap less than 1 week ago and I can’t believe how life changing this course has been to my digital business. I have implemented everything I have learned so far and have quadrupled my views, gained 5-10 followers a day and I have made $1,000 in 4 days as a COMPLETE beginner. I chose The Roadmap because it is so well respected within the Digital Marketing community and the creators have the highest integrity and servant leadership that I valued the most. I DM’d other seasoned and successful Digital Marketers asking them what course they started with and 90% of them started with The Roadmap- it was a no-brainer to purchase this course!



Hi everyone! I'm Everly a nurse from Australia. I started my digital marketing journey 6 weeks ago. I started off with the roadmap to riches course, and can i say i implemented all the strategies into my faceless account!!


This month alone, i have surpassed $4500+ in sales, as a complete beginner, it's so mindblowing! digital marketing is booming!!


Thank you so much ROADMAP CREATORS!!! this is the ultimate course !


MY IG for inspo @thepassivetraveller




Hello amazing people! 

I purchased the Roadmap in September 2023 after looking for 2 years for a business model that really fitted my values. I'm a mum of three living on a working cattle station in Australia.

I started this business scared and as a total beginner. I had never sold a digital product before but I had a HUGE why, so I just jumped in. I am obsessed with the professionalism, support and amazing content within this course and I became the best student I could possibly be. I am now three months in and have generated an income of over $28,000. To say this has changed our life in a short time is an understatement!! Now, I just want to help others realise they can do this too!



Sal x


-Maya A

Former nurse turned full time traveler + digital nomad 🤎☺️ @mayaa_earth

As I nurse I was depressed, over worked and out of touch with all of my true passions... 😭

I started looking for ways to leave my job so that I could travel the world. The ONE THING I knew I really wanted to do. 🌎

I didn’t think I had any skills that could transfer to online work. I thought making money online was a scam.

After diving in to the roadmap I realised that making money online could be MY reality! It opened so many doors for me. 😍

I am currently exploring Costa Rica with no worries about money (and Costa Rica is expensiv!) My next destination is Colombia. ☺️


I am so thankful for transforming my life and I’m happier than I’ve ever been!!



-Caroline P

Hi my friends!! I am so excited to have joined this program and community! My days are brighter and I am finally seeing some hope for financial freedom after a lifetime working in the corporate world in the legal industry.  "I cannot believe how much a live can change in a matter of weeks!! I spent my whole life working in corporate jobs in the legal industry and never had the courage to start a side hustle or do a real move to quit the 9-5 besides feeling burnt out and missing time with family and friends. The Roadmap to Riches came in the perfect timing to me as I was truly on my limit! I have now exciting reason to wake up in the morning and get into my socials: I am building my own online business and making more money than my weekly salary from my regular job and I feel I can claim for my freedom very soon!! Can't wait to see where this course will take me in a couple of months!!! "



Purchase, Learn,Resell,Live

Aucun article


Buy once, learn& resell forever

Let's talk about this course and its offer because it's a game-changer, and guess what? There are absolutely NO hidden agendas here! I WANT YOU TO SUCEED AND be free of the system! You make the purchase, and this course is all yours, no strings attached. In fact, you can even resell this exact course for a minimum of $497usd and watch your investment come back to you instantly. The brilliant minds behind this course designed it with the intention of ZERO surprises.

That means no upsells, no "downline" schemes, and certainly no commissions where you only get a fraction of what you sell. You keep a full 100% of your sales.This course is yours to setup and resell as your own! While You learn EVERYTHING about starting an online business, how to monetarize your social media and make the most of our ever change world that is becoming more digital.

What is Master resell rights?( MRR)


How MRR works with this course by the creator Hannah

Have any questions?

I want you to feel 100% happy with your decision to

financial freedom,Your decision to join millions of other

mothers who are using this digital age to be their own boss

and earn an income to support their families from home.


If you have any questions Please send me an email.

I will reply asap ( within 24hours)

I am more then happy to answer any of them,

to help make your decision easier!

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