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Top 5 all natural baby must haves this month

First of all why choose natural products for your baby ?

Traditional baby items and clothes contain a wide range of pesticides, chemicals, as well as colouring, all of which can be extremely harmful to your little one and cause irritations. Additionally, such substances can also hinder the development process of your child while on the other hand, natural products are free of all of the previously mentioned substances, which means that you can easily keep your child safe ,not only that but you’ll also be helping our environment, which is something a lot of people overlook these days as natural products are eco friendly, reusable, biodegradable and are either hand made or manufactured organically, which means that there are no chemicals that are being released into the environment from the manufacturing plants and factories.


So we have put together our top 5 natural finds for the month of April

Each of these products supports Australian small Mum business's, and artisans from around the world. They are all hand-made, eco friendly and have great reviews. BarefootChild is a proud Affiliate marketer for Esty - supporting artisans and small natural Mumma business's, if you purchase from the below links, your not only supporting Australian mums and fair trade artisans but BarefootChild will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


one 1

Moses change basket

Add a natural beauty to your baby's room with this Baby Changing Basket. It's handwoven with straw grass and fitted with a thick foam pad for extra comfort for your little bub!

Its a perfect baby shower gift and can be made in various colours. It has over 182

5 star ratings , A must have for any natural Mumma

Woven Baby Changing Table Basket with Pad,
only $131.95

By purchasing this you are supporting artisans in Africa.


two 2

100% natural rubber shell teether

OMG, we just love these 100% Natural and biodegradable rubber shell baby teethers,

They are non toxic and have been hand molded.Your little beach bum will love soothing their sore gums with this.

What are the benefits of a teether?

Babies get comfort and relief by chewing on toys, like teethers, when their teeth are growing in ,it helps the tender gums feel better when light pressure is applied.

eco rubber shell teether only $34 +postage

By purchasing this you are supporting a small Australian artisan business.


Three 3

Baby silicon plate & cutlery set

How great are these Baby Silicone plate and Cutlery Sets ? and better yet they are BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe and have a suction base.They come in 9 beautiful earthy colours , a great eco friendly feed time edition to have, - by allowing your child to learn the basic's of self feed , will get them excited for every meal time.

silicon plate & cutlery set only $35 each plus postage

By purchasing this you are supporting 2 Australian Natural Mumma sister's business.


Four 4

Lucky locket Cloth Nappies one size fits all

How great are these finally a Cloth Nappy that fits from birth to toilet training ! The snap design helps to fit the bum of even the tiniest of babies up until toilet training - so you won't have to buy an extra stash once baby starts filling out those rolls!! These wonderful hand-made cloth nappies come in a choice of 12 super cute styles to choose from.Also every Lucy Locket Boutique Cloth Nappy comes with x2 super soft bamboo inserts that can be used for even the most wet days.

Why are cloth nappies great?

  • They are non-toxic, meaning they don’t contain any harsh chemicals or plastics and because of this, Cloth nappies are said to prevent any of those nasty nappy rashes because of the natural materials used

  • They have less of an impact on the environment as opposed to disposables because cloth nappies are washable, you’re not adding to the awful landfill

  • Cloth nappies have less leakage, which mind you, is a bonus for all mothers! It is also said that cloth nappies fast track toilet training because your baby can feel the wetness from the material.

  • When it comes to long-term use, cloth nappies are cheaper, especially these one size fits all nappies woo hoo

and last but defiantly not least

  • cloth nappies are just adorable, there is so many beautiful designs to choose from unlike the standard disposable ones

one size fits all coth diaper only $34.95 each plus postage

By purchasing this you are supporting a small Australian business.


Five 5

100% Pure Cotton Jumbo Boho Baby Fringed Swaddle Blankets

These beautiful Cotton Muslin Swaddles have been hand made and are made of delicate, lightweight 100% pure combined cotton fabric. They feature a cream tassel fringe and a leather look paper tag.These beautiful swaddles come in 4 amazing organic tones.

Why swaddle your baby?

Swaddling is thought to mimic being in the womb. And has proven to be an effective way to help soothe and keep babies in a comfortable sleep it helps flailing arms and legs that can trigger baby’s startle reflex (also known as the Moro reflex) that can wake her up during precious sleep time.

100% pure cotton swaddles, with tassel only $49.95 each plus postage

By purchasing this you are supporting a small Australian Artesian business.