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Thankyou for purchasing our  WOODLANDS learning bundle.Please click on the 2 available link buttons down below to download your PDF files. 

We recommend printing on thick card stock for best results.Our designs are all created to be printed on A4 size paper,making printing easy for everyone- then once printed out - simply cut around our borders to form your flash cards. Thankyou BarefootChild.Co

IMG_2114 (4).jpeg
IMG_2109 (3).jpeg
IMG_2141 (1).jpeg

This pack contains:

  • 12x different animals you would find in the woodland cards ( to be cut out ) with 1x what you might find in the woodlands flash card cover and 1x facts about woodlands and their trees mini facts flash card.- cards measure approx. 12.5cm W x 18xm L

  • 12x the same woodland animals - match the name to the animal flash cards -CARDS ALSO CONTAIN THE ANIMALS FOOTPRINT/TRACKS - ( to be cut out also ) - card measure approx 11.5 cm W x 13 cm L 

  • 24x mini MATCH THE WOODLAND ANIMAL TO THE CORRECT NUMBER cards ( 12 of the same woodland animals as the other cards plus 12 number cards ( written in english number) - teach your child counting skills as they count the correct number of woodland animals and put them next to the correct number. - (to be cut out) - MINI card measurements are approx. 6.5cm W x 9.5cm L

  • 3x WOODLAND ANIMALs to be cut out - great to be used as display, on nature/unit study tables or even PUNCH HOLES and get your little wildling to thread sting through. animals are a bear, deer (fawn) and a fox. - to be cut out.

  • 1x A4 landscape W is for WILDERNESS  POSTER

  • 1x A4 portrait WOODLAND ANIMALS poster

If your having trouble downloading the 2 pdf button links above (certain software/tech may cause issues) i have attached the pdfs in standard format and one in compressed format and 6 buttons in smaller mp as well as some customers are unable to download larger files to their technology at once :). 

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