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Reggio inspired

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learning Bundle

wild school

Thankyou for purchasing our Reggio inspired WILDSCHOOL bundle.

Here at BarefootChild we believe that the natural environment should act as the child's first teacher,that learning should be wholesome ,wild and full of adventure.

Simply download and save each bundle, print on A4 size paper (thick glossy card stock look best as these are real photographs) - optional laminate. Then simply cut out around any borders to form your flash cards


currently 14 sets


Insect garden

This pack is filled with 12 different and common insects found in the garden

Included is 3- part Montessori cards,clip the letter cards and match the other halve cards of the 12 insects .Perfect to get your child exploring and learning all about what they will find in the garden using real photos for a wholesome learning experience

A-Z poster/
playdough mats

Help teach young ones the alphabet by using our nature inspired A-Z alphabet playdough mats. They look great as classroom posters too!


Colours in nature pack

Help teach young ones the most common colours by using the colours found in nature. This pack contains 3 part style flash cards, vocabulary flash cards aswell as a learning area colour banner to hang up.

Shapes found in nature flash cards

Help teach young ones common shapes by using our shapes in nature flash cards. They can even be turned into 2 part flash cards and wall posters.

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Journals Square Images (13) (1).jpg

My nature journal

Help get kids outside observing nature with our easy to use nature observation and reflections nature journal.Simply print daily,weekly and monthly pages as needed. Our journal is not only for the garden it can be used in all nature areas, at the beach,forest,lake you name it.

Vintage insect posters

Spruce up your learning space or classroom walls while adding a touch of nature with our 4x vintage inspired insect posters. In both a4 and us letterhead size ( both sizes attached to the pdf file below)

BVVB N.jpg

My emotions    3-part flashcard

Help teach young ones their emotions with our 3 part style  emotion flash cards.

Making inferences
flash cards

Get kids using their logic and thinking skills with our 32 making inferences flash cards.


nature formats
flash cards

Teach your little one nature formats using our 3-part style flash cards. So next time on your adventures they will be able to spot what each natural format is.

Nature inspired posters

Spruce up your natural learning area walls with our different size natural classroom posters.


Fruit and their trees flash cards

Teach your ones what each fruit is using our vocabulary flash cards, help them match them with the correct tree they grow from and colour dots for a extra activity.A total of 40 cards.

things in nature flash cards

Help teach children nature and things you will find it in with our nature vocabulary cards. You can even use these cards when you are scavenger hunting or playing eye spy for a extra activity.

Reggio Emilia Inspired.jpg

1-20 numbers found in nature flashcards/posters

Use our 1-20 numbers found in nature flash cards as display posters, in your morning baskets or in your natural learning materials.

winter/artic animals flashcards

Our winter artic animal vocabulary match the name to the animal flash cards will help expand your childs vocabulary.These will go great in other units or in morning baskets.

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