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Are you interested in promoting BarefootChild ? If so Join our affiliate team.

What is Affiliate marketing?

If your not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is a way for you to earn extra income by simply sharing your unique link you will receive once you join up either with your social media followers, in groups online, on your website or blogposts or however and if someone clicks on your link and buys a product from us you will receive a commission on that purchase as well, its that simple!

(you can share our product images, or create your own marketing photos, to entice customers to click your link) You will recieve a dashboard via goaffpro in which you can track your referrals,click rates and everything else)

Our commission pay rates for sales made via your affiliate links are 50% commission of every DIGITIAL PRODUCT sale you bring in and 10% on any PHYSICAL PRODUCT SALES, we also have a 130 day cookie window, meaning if a customer clicks on your link but doesn't buy anything straight away "cookies stay on their web browser" with your unique affiliate link so if they buy something from us in a week,a month or 129 days later, you still earn your Commision.You also will receive a unique code you can share with your followers for them to save 10% off,a great way to make them click via your link. We pay commissions out usually for DIGITAL SALES within 24-48hours,and PHYSICAL SALES -within 5 days,so please add your payment details once you join up , so you we can easily pay you. (Our preferred method is paypal, but we can pay via bank transfer if you choose, so please let us know.)

 Everyone is welcome to apply, come join our team.

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