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approved unschooling reports and learning plan
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If your already a unschooler, looking for help on how to create an unschooling end of year report or learning plan to meet your home-school registration requirements, or are looking to get into unschooling or are just curious as to how unschoolers learn through everyday life, we are here to help you and provide you with some helpful tips, information and samples of our approved unschooling plans for 2023-2024, for our 3 unschooling children aged 11,10,9. Our current Australian state for registration is QLD, but these learning plans and reports are great samples to use as guidance for other states and territories.

Overview of our approach

to home-educating

-By allowing them to use Hands on experiences in the real world

-By letting them learn new skills and knowledge from on the spot
learning in daily life through open conversations and self research.

-Allowing them the freedom to follow their passions and interests because they are always changing and my children are forever learning so many new skills and knowledge covering all the key subjects

- And by allowing the natural environment and community to act as their third teacher

My Children are free to learn, pursue, try and do everything they are curious about, I encourage them to have hands on opportunities, to be as independent as I can possibly handle and to learn from any in the moment opportunities that come our way. As a mother to unschoolers ,I personally know just how much natural learning they get up to each and every day.I know how much everything they do covers learning topics and subjects but how do you put all these natural, everyday living and learning moments into end of year reports and new year learning plans to convince your government of their learning, to continue to be "approved for home-school registration"? 


Helpful tips we recommend and use when creating your reports and plans

1-I find it easy to create my reports and learning plans using an online platform that allows for you to add photos (I use the app canva on my computer)- as i like adding all the photos I have throughout the year of each child beforehand, as this gives me a overview of what they have gotten upto for the year, as we are unschoolers most of my documentation/records of learning is through photos as its the most easiest way for us to document in the moment learning throughout the year. PLUS I really have no idea what to add in their reports until I see all the photos in one place, and I always include PHOTOS in my reports/plans so the "education department can SEE my childrens learning" - research your governments reporting requirements and learning plan requirements prior to see what "questions" you need to include in your reports/plans . -

These are the questions the QLD HOME-SCHOOL REPORTS need you to include in your report:

-What are your general impressions on the year of home education?

-Did you achieve the goals outlined in your program?

-Did you make any changes to your program? Why/why not?

-What were the highlights or lowlights?

-In what area did your child achieve the most success?

-Any other relevant information? OPTIONAL

ATTACH YOUR SAMPLES - samples need to include date they were done and childs name on each of them

- YOU NEED TO INCLUDE 2 WORK SAMPLES FROM YOUR CHILD FOR BOTH ENGLISH AND MATHS PLUS YOUR OWN CHOOSEN SUBJECT TO SHOW THEM THE WORK PROGRESS -(so a total of 6 samples)you also need to include answers to these questions about your samples,they are:

-What approaches did you use to support your child in completing these samples ( so you write the approachs you used for english,maths and other subject)

-What progress did you observe between the samples?(so again you write the progress you observed for EACH sample of english,maths and other subject you choose)

-. At what level are these samples targeted? (For example, above, at or below age equivalence)

-any other relevant information -optional

IF you have more then 1 child home-schooling, i find it easy to create the first report template and use it for ALL of them -just twist it abit to suit each individual child, this saves you alot of time!!


2-First before I create my plans on a piece of paper I write a list of things my child has been doing,things they have been getting up to lately  as well as things they have previously been doing throughout the year and things I know they will be doing for the upcoming year-next to it I write a list of learning outcomes that "thing" would have taught them - if I am unsure of what learning takes place ,I do a quick google search on what learning it covers  or if I want it to sound more educational. EXAMPLE- I usually do a quick google search of what does Roblox teach kids or what maths do kids learn from roblox EVERYTHING your children does,they are learning something one way or another. My children love playing roblox, a quick google search tells me when playing roblox they are learning geometry,mesurements,angles,placements,layouts,numbers,dimentions,scaling,money handling,additions,subtraction, grids , let alone using English reading and writing skills plus creative art skills- I will use this piece of paper as a "base" for creating my report samples and/or learning plans around them. - I always include in my reports/plans that as we take a natural approach to learning my childrens interest are always changing so they are always gaining a huge variety of new learning experiences covering all the key subjects

3-I never use the word UNSCHOOLING in any of my reports/plans ,I use the term natural learning!!

4-I always add everyday life activities ,including grocery shopping,helping in the kitchen,gardening,holiday programs,trips to museums,shows,festival,libraries , again a quick google search tells me what they are learning ( cooking is teaching my child - how to measure in mls and cups, weighing in grams,and kg and learning about volume,temperature,chemical reactions,ratios)I also include  things we have seen and  discussed on our nature outings or even at home- I call this wildschooling ( examples - seeing a bee fly over and discussing then and there with your child about pollinations,or how bees make honey, or driving past a anzac day plaque and discussing about why we celebrate anzac and war) these are things my children have asked questions about and I always try answer honestly and with as much detail as i can(sometimes if i don't know i will even do a quick google search and discuss my findings with the kids,there and then-in the moment learning)- I always add to my learning plans that the things we see and discuss are always changing,and that i will keep records of anything discussed in my home-schooling records.

5-I go through anything I can find that my children have done to use as my samples,  these include any written work in diaries,lists they have created and even take screen shots of any online work - eg: writing on their robloxs,youtube videos they create,art they have done,house builds anything I can find to use (if I need to ,I twerk these abit to meet the reporting requirements eg write a date on it,get them to write a draft/final copy etc)

Our approved unschooling samples - 2023-qld

report for 10-11 year old girl

report for 9-10 year old boy

report for 8-9 year old boy

Our approved unschooling learning plans- 2024-qld

plan for 10-11 year old girl

plan for 9-10 year old boy

plan for 8-9 year old boy


We hope our resources help you along your own unschooling journey

More helpful Unschooling information, other learning plan samples and blog posts we recommend below.

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