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"You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it."
                - Dr. Robert Anthony

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About me and my journey to financial freedom.

Welcome, I'm Skye lee, the founder behind BarefootChild.

Im a mother to 3 children who I decided to unschool along with my husband while we live out our simple life on a very small island, out in the middle of the ocean. I became a mother when I was 18 and by the time I turned 21 I was chasing after my 3 under 3. We lived pay-check to pay-check for years and years, and this pay-check was very little, as soon as each paycheck came it ,it was gone just as fast. Borrowing money from family ,until each new pay-check became the norm , for a very long time.

All I could ever think about is ,what am I going to do?

I kept thinking to myself ,that I do not want to waste this life and miss my children's childhood with a 9-5 , in order to fit in a box, plus I dont want this for my husband either ! How can I make this change? How can I support my family, while staying at home with them? How can I make as much money as possible, without to much work? So as I spent weeks apon weeks researching and researching until I came across the term  -passive income and as I researched this more and more, I came across the world of digital marketing, especially for digital products and affiliates. Its a career path that ANYONE can do and you will be earning money while you sleep. Im telling you this now , because if I can do it, without any scholarships, qualifications, prior experience and leaving school half way through year 9 then YOU CAN DO IT TO! My only other job besides building my successful business ground up,from nothing but google and youtube to guide and teach me how- is working at a fast food restaurant (kfc) and a retail outlet (best & less) for like 3 months each before I had kids YEP! Not much experience at all ,I was only a teenager then - as I want every one of you to succeed in life, just know If I can do it then YOU CAN TO! I want you to choose a career path that allows you to support your family, work from home, travel when you like,and do something you feel like you truly love. I don't want any mother to feel tired and helpless working a 9-5 job away from your wildlings. I want YOU to invest in YOURSELF just like I have !

As we are the mothers, the providers and the child bearers. We are the ones who hold our family's ecosystem together. We can do anything!

ANYONE can start with digital marketing ,I started back at the beginning of 22 when I created BarefootChild as I had a love and desire to create my own digital products after reading how profitable they are, and how I could make one product, upload the file and sell it over and over again forever, -so with my passion for nature and homeschooling, my vision for BarefootChild grew. You don't need an established business, or even create any digital products- you can simply start up on social media, sell other people's products- through affiliate marketing ,and reselling other peoples products, this is called PLR and MRR products - like our Digital wealth academy course that will teach YOU EVERYTHING you ever need to know to be successful at digital marketing and the best part is once you complete the course , you can then put all those skills to test and simply just resell the course yourself using all your new digital marketing skills you learnt and sell straight from your social media account- over and over again forever and keep every cent!

You know all those ( link in bio !!) you see on social media? - YEP those people are what we call digital marketing, either their own digital made products, from ebooks, printables,planners,courses, or selling their services (if you have knowledge or expertise in any area -then sell that knowledge to others-this is called a service),those links in bios, are even products they brought to resell with -MRR or they are being  an affiliate for another company , getting you to buy that product from their link so they can keep the commission they receive from each sale.

-You can be a complete newbie into the world of digital marketing and still start making REAL money on day 1. 

Invest in yourself , Invest in your future.

The world is becoming more and more online.

People are buying online from smartphones and laptops, instead of instore

76% of consumers buy something they see on social media.

Let that be from you.

“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.” – Joyce Brothers

Walking in Nature

Start your journey to building your own online business , selling digital products straight from your social media!

Learn more about our digital wealth academy course, that teaches you A-Z on everything to help you start and master your online business, Plus you can also resell this very same course, over and over again for 100% profits.

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