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Ocean animal toddler pack

 -  Toddler ocean animal teaching DIGITAL DOWNLOAD flash card pack.🐙🐟

This pack is filled with beautiful watercolour sea animals, help teach your little wildling the different names of the animals that live out in the ocean while enhancing their vocabulary, spelling and counting skills.

These flash cards would make a great addition to your childcare | daycare or preschool materials.🦈

OR add them to your childs nature tables,morning baskets or invitations to play area. You could even add them to your ocean study units.🐚

My 3 unschooled children absolutly love the ocean and finding sea animals to observe,how great is natural learning -thats the reason behind this ocean animal vocabulary set-

whats in the pack🦑

OVER 66 different flash card activities ( sorry but they require cutting out , ) - ill be adding each cards measurements in the next couple of days ( i have added how many per sheet of A4 paper for rough estimate)

8 x different ocean animal flash cards | round edges| mini - - MATCH THE OTHER HALF | there are 4 sets per sheet of paper
5x different ocean animal flash cards |spelling| MATCH THE ANIMAL& LETTER TO THE OTHER HALVE OF ANIMAL & WORD | there is 1 set per sheet of A4 piece of paper
22x different ocean animal flash cards | round edge | spelling| CLIP THE CORRECT LETTER |there is 2 cards per A4 piece of paper
12 x different ocean animal flash cards | vocabulary | mini | MATCH THE CORRECT NAME TO THE CORRECT OCEAN ANIMAL | 6 sets plus their little word cards to 1 sheet of A4 paper
10 x different ocean animal flash cards ( total of 20 with their number flash card)| mini|counting| COUNT THE ANIMALS AND MATCH TO THE CORRECT NUMBER- 8 cards to 1 sheet of A4 paper
1x TRACE THE LINES TO HELP THE OCEAN ANIMAL REACH HIS FOOD activity sheet ( great laminated to wipe clean and use multiple times) - A4 size
8x diffrent ocean animals flash cards | MATCH THE CORRECT OCEAN ANIMAL TO THIER SHADOW| also great laminated |2 cards per A4 size paper

like always our printables are created to be printed on the one standard A4 size paper - then simply cut out any flash cards -making printing easier
our flash cards look BEST printed on a THICK card stock or laminated🦀
we would love to see what you do with our printables so feel free to tag us on instagram @embracethewildling

our free 13 pages of toddler ocean animal colouring pages and our 24 mini ocean animal mini flash cards here aswell , you'll find these great freebies at the link below

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