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Image by Guillermo Ferla

mini planet unit

This pack is filled with helpful planet information, posters ,FLASHCARDS ,props ,activity and worksheets and QR information video codes to help take this space unit further with very fun and entertain videos on the planets.

-there's a total of 65 pages to be printed out that forms a little over 100 flash cards, props and activities once cut out
-all to be printed out on A4 size paper - ( thick card stock or laminated , work best for our flash cards ) -then simply cut out around any borders to form flashcards, 
-there is directions on each page.

each photo above has descriptions of everything included in the pack :)

but to narrow it down -


the pack contains the following 

2x space information flashcards (what exactly is a milky way and what exactly is outer space )
24x 2-PART planet flash cards ( 12x full and 12x picture and word separate style )
20x mini outer space VOCABULARY round edge flash cards ( planets and various space related )
12x match the planet to the correct information jigsaw flash card 
12x match the 2 halves together flash cards 
1x first walk on moon information POSTER - with QR code to video
2x 6piece puzzle ( earth and astronaut style )
4x worsheets and activities
-create your own planet and describe it worksheet
-pick a planet and fill in the worksheet profile ( can be printed multiple times for multiple planet lessons )
-colour each planet the correct colour worksheet
- and a BLANK WORKSHEET ( prefect for you to create your own questions using our helpful space information - to suit your childs learning stages/multy age families )
2x A4 size poster ( 1 planets in the correct order from the sun and 1 we are earths children poster )
1x DIY SPACE SPINNING WHEEL ( get your child to spin the 2 arrows and which ever 2 planets they lend on - get them to describe the differences they have learnt about )
17x cut out prop pieces ( create a space scene, diorama or a space invitations to play setup )
11x descriptive writing and research worksheets on each planet, sun and moon with a QR code that leads to a very fun and entertaining video of each planet ( get your child to watch each video and fill in the woksheet )
2x drawing symmetry space activity sheets
2x space activity worksheets
- planet crossword activity
-cut and paste each planet in the correct distance/order from the sun activity
1x skip counting activity worksheet HELP THE ROCKET REACH OUTER SPACE- with 2,5 and 10 skip counting planet counters ( cut and laminate these and get child to use them to correctly skip count to help the  rocket reach outer space )

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Reggio Emilia and nature watercolour inspired learning resources

Image by Guillermo Ferla
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