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Our Unschooling adventures 2021

This is a continued post of a 4 part post collection of how we unschooled subjects- naturally last year in 2021 , these are some of our examples -I used for our home-school registration record keeping collection (these are little scrapbook sort of things I make throughout the year and add to a plastic sleeve folder ( Our visual learning portfolio ) - for homeschool registration requirements, and to reflect on what the kids learn throughout the year through pictures.

Everything my children learn is spontaneous~ with no textbooks , no planned lessons and no sitting behind a desk- between four walls all day,They learn naturally, through daily life living and from nature.Check out our other posts for our 2021 unschooling journey

A childhood should be worth remembering, its about being together as a family, embracing we all have the ability to be  natural learners and not limiting our children's learning to " only happens at school "