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Terms & conditions

Here at BarefootChild, We promise we will never promote anything that we do not  fully believe in, even if offered to be compensated for .We compensate for our free services with the use of  affiliates and ads on our website ,each one is hand picked and truly loved by us.We post using our own words and sometimes our own pictures, if you intend to use either of them in your own website or blog , you are welcome, as long as a link and credit is given to ( and/or full content duplicate is strictly prohibited. We create our own pintables that we sell and we currently provide monthly ones for free, these are for your own personal use and all of our printables free and/or sold are STRICTLY not for resale in anyway, they are for personal use,this is called copyright.BarefootChild promotes home-school content and is a contributor in many bundles, you will receive emails and content from us promoting them.We will not spam.Although we have done our research thoroughly on various posts and homeschool registration requirements ,BarefootChild is not in anyway expertise in such fields, we only express our opinions and give credit to others when used. Barefootchild is always happy to work with others, as long as it lines up with our overall beliefs. You will find us on social media, @embracethewildling and  we always welcome our readers to share us to the world.From time to time we except guest posts from other like minded mummas,  we believe in free expression , and are not held responsible if those expression cause offence in any way, although BarefootChild  is always here and happy to help with any complaints, questions and feedback you may have, so get in touch.

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