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Unschool learning portfolios 2021

This is a continued post of a 4 part post collection of how we unschooled subjects- naturally last year in 2021 , these are some of our examples -I used for our home-school registration record keeping collection, check out our other posts, Turning everyday living into subjects 2021, How we unschooled 2021 and Our Unschooling adventures 2021

In my previous posts I explain how I use 3 methods to record our unschooling learning - ,a daily diary, a photo portfolio, and a hardcopy " portfolio" - a plastic sleeve folder that keeps any random drawings,writing,paintings " any school like" stuff the kids do over the year goes in it for their unschool - home-school registration record keeping. Last year the kids each filled 2 folders ( which they lovely decorated with stickers ) up.Below is some things that they spontaneously done - either asked for things to be printed of , or decided they wanted to draw and write - Keeping anything that they write on is also a great way to watch the progress of their writing skills develop over time.

My then 6 year old son's work (yr 1 ) -turn 7 dec

Below you can see how over last year his drawing and attention to detail advanced, - naturally . You can also see how he is beginning to develop his writing skills - he naturally began to form letters in his drawing and is slowly learning to write words