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Unschool learning portfolios 2021

This is a continued post of a 4 part post collection of how we unschooled subjects- naturally last year in 2021 , these are some of our examples -I used for our home-school registration record keeping collection, check out our other posts, Turning everyday living into subjects 2021, How we unschooled 2021 and Our Unschooling adventures 2021

In my previous posts I explain how I use 3 methods to record our unschooling learning - ,a daily diary, a photo portfolio, and a hardcopy " portfolio" - a plastic sleeve folder that keeps any random drawings,writing,paintings " any school like" stuff the kids do over the year goes in it for their unschool - home-school registration record keeping. Last year the kids each filled 2 folders ( which they lovely decorated with stickers ) up.Below is some things that they spontaneously done - either asked for things to be printed of , or decided they wanted to draw and write - Keeping anything that they write on is also a great way to watch the progress of their writing skills develop over time.

My then 6 year old son's work (yr 1 ) -turn 7 dec

Below you can see how over last year his drawing and attention to detail advanced, - naturally . You can also see how he is beginning to develop his writing skills - he naturally began to form letters in his drawing and is slowly learning to write words

my then 8/9 year old daughter (yr 3 )

below you can see my daughters creative side, she loves to write notes and lists from time to time - her spelling and writing skills have advanced so much in the last couple of years

my then 7/8 yo son (yr 2 )

You can notice throughout the year how much my sons writing (letter form ) and pen grip has advanced, He had no writing skills at the end of 2020 and now he is able to sound out and write words all on his own ( which he will usually write on youtube himself - now he can write pen to paper- lots of different words himself

Unschooling does work

There's a huge misconception that because a child is free to pursue their own learning path - then how must they learn? - . As you can see just SOME of the things my children learnt and did last year, without anything planned ,anything forced - just following their curiosity, going on adventures and embracing the moment.

Unschooling can work for everyone

Its all about opening up to the idea, that school was never meant to be !

Life is a classroom ,your child is the teacher and the only lesson they should ever follow is that of their own curiosity. 

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