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About Us

BarefootChild is all about helping you find nature inspired learning resources to help teach your little wildling.We also love to create our own learning printables ,that are inspired by our unschooling,island living adventures. that we love to share with you through our etsy store and create you monthly freebies

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A Year of Nature Handicrafts ebook


Our friends over at Harbour & sprout have collaborated with some incredibly talented nature crafters to make this beautiful digital ebook with step-by-step tutorials for 70 stunning nature handicrafts. This ebook is divided into the four seasons and presented in an easily-navigable format, perfect to get your little wildling embracing nature.Psst for a limited time you can get this ebook for only $25 usd and it comes with a cute mud kitchen dramatic play set + recipe cards for free.

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BarefootChild at checkout to save 10% off

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If you are looking for great learning curriculums that embrace nature and the outdoors then head over to our friend Rachel Tidd from wild learning who is the author of the Wild Math® and Wild Reading® Curriculums and a leading proponent of integrating the outdoors and natural materials with core academics.Shop and save 15% now until April 1st using code snowdrop15

This weeks freebie !!

Reggio inspired playdough A-Z mats


This week's freebie is our

 A-Z reggio inspired alphabet playdough mats
We have used real images for each letter, using nature and natural colours

 as inspiration. These mats are perfect to teach your child each letter of the alphabet by creating them with loose parts or playdough.
or would look great displayed on walls for a natured themed classroom.

We believe strongly in natural learning and nature as the third teacher 

To be printed on A4 size paper a total of 26 letters/pages . :)
Best printed on glossy paper as these are real images, and laminate for multiple use with little hands



How my kids learn through Unschooling

How do unschooling kids meet the requirements for home-school registration?

Find out how my children meet the home-school registration requirements following a unschooling learning approach to their education by viewing our government APPROVED learning plans for this year 2023





What is Curio?

Discover the unexpected and engage with the natural world! Curio is a place to connect over the sheer joy of knowledge and discovery. We celebrate the unexpected and the unknown. We seek out uncommon knowledge and hidden gems. Here is where we share fascinating finds with like-minded people who love to learn and enjoy growing together in meaningful ways. Featuring a stream of captivating content and activities that will bring value, substance, and depth of knowledge to life, Curio is riveting and relevant for all ages and encourages a lifelong love of learning,We share Fascinating finds, hidden gems, and uncommon knowledge for lifelong learners and nature enthusiasts of all ages all wrapped up in an all-new, intuitive membership featuring Curio Nature Society and the Curio Campsite Community forum. Join us as we embark on a trailblazing adventure to connect with the world around us!