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Natural Parenting revolves around letting your child develop naturally at their own pace, not allowing mainstream to dictate when your child should reach their "milestones ". A natural parents philosophy is centred to their child's needs no matter what "society" thinks, a natural parent uses their parenting instincts to be  Intune with their child knowing what they want and need.A natural parent doesn't follow parenting guidelines they read or hear,they listen and follow their heart. 


Is- How mother nature designed us to parent -  It’s the “scenic route” of parenting -quote raising good

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Barefoot Parenting a combination of the below styles.Its main principles are about embracing your childs wild - side , using natural parenting instincts that have developed over centuries of parenting , believing in the childs capabilities to learn and grow at their own pace. Barefoot parenting is embracing the whole child , through a natural childhood and development.


Free-range parenting is about  allowing your child to have the freedom to experience the natural consequences of their behaviour. Its about giving your  child a chance to learn and to become independent ,ensuring your child will  have the skills they need to become responsible adults

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The Attachment parentings philosophy represents finding ways to calmly and appropriately respond to your Childs demands, understanding balance within your families ecosystem while using continuous gentle and positive discipline right from birth


Trustful parenting was the way our hunter- gather ancestors parented and the way many tribal communities still parent around the world today.Its about trusting children and treating them as equals.Allowing them to be guided by there surroundings and showing them positive, nurturing love and reinforcement.

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New Bohemian parenting  is about following the traditional bohemian philosphy and apply them to the way you raise your child

The "NEW" refers to parenting in the 21st century . Bohemian parents allow their children to embrace free spirits , they abide to  natural child rearing techniques- and raise their children in a eco friendly lifestyle .


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