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Now that you have kids, have you gained a desire to work less ,work from home and be your own boss?
I'm here to tell you, go for it, its never to late to invest in yourself- you wild and capable Mumma!
The only way to do this, is by taking the leap into the digital marketing world. 

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is when you promote products online, either through your social media channel or if you have a website, in the form of any of the following - posts, reels,stories,email campaigns, blog posts 
etc , these products you are promoting can either be your own products or services ( digital products ARE THE MOST LUCRATIVE TO SELL) or the products of other companies (affiliate marketing) but guess what.. It is so easy, you don't even need to create a product to sell, you can buy products already made that allow you to resell as your own
-( there is so many products and services you can buy to resell, these are called done for you products through PLR and MRR licenses.) Like our digital welath academy course

What are digital products?

A Digital product is a product that is entirely online, you create one copy of this product, save it as a file (depending on what it is, you would save it as either a  PDF, PNG,JPJ mp3, etc file) you then upload this file to your online store and then you can sell that one copy - unlimited amounts of time. Once someone makes a purchase -your online store will then automatically send your customer the file for them to download and enjoy straight away in the comfort of their home, no shipping, no inventory and no wholesale costs, just that one product you created that once- that now can be sold over and over again forever. To create digital products most people usually use online software of some kind. I personally use canva as I find this the Easiest for making printables, some very talented artists may even paint, create and draw their product and then upload/scan it onto their computer, to be able to sell it in digital form ,once again- this one copy can be sold unlimited amounts of time, allowing you to earn nothing but PROFIT each time.

But what if your not very creative?

No worries.. There is alot of digital products out there that you can buy and resell as your own (either through PLR,MRR /done for you) just like our digital wealth academy course  and commercial use products or you can even hire someone on fivver to pretty much create ANYTHING that you want, ( let them know it will be used for commercial use ,this may cost a little extra but it will be worth it, because remember you can sell this one product unlimited amounts of time forever. I have personally used fivver twice now for this reason, that's why I am mention it to all of you, once your happy with the end product -upload the file to your store and,then your ready to start marketing

this product to start earning $$$

But wait there's more , step into the world of Affiliate marketing!!

You can even start selling through affiliate marketing ( this is where you join a company's affiliate program that you love and start promoting their products that they sell, you are usually given a unique tracking link once you sign up - you promote the product and use that link when driving your customers to that product page and if someone buys that product from your

link then you will earn a commission.  - (a commission is a percentage of that sale)

 Commission rates vary 10-30% or more for most companies. Did you know that we here at BarefootChild have an affiliate program and you will earn 50% commission if you PROMOTE our products )

You have most likely came across many influencers and people you follow on social media ,who tell you to click the link in my bio, or say LINK IN BIO

and guess what they are  doing

... BEING An AFFILAITE!! - yes that's right, all those links in peoples bios are from either their own products that they created or had someone create them from sites like fivver, or they are products that they brought to resell as their own (through PLR,MMR rights)like our high earning roadmap course or the most common is AFFILIATES they are selling you other companies stuff to earn some commission promoting things they love, enjoy or use

Some people use a mix of all 3 listed above.

( I personally use my own products and affiliate links)

There is so many people out there who are making 10s of thousands to 100's of thousands, even to millions a year from selling digital products and earning passive income so many mums just like you, who had children ,then gained a desperate desire to work from home ,to be their own boss, and live their life to the fullest with their families.

They came across the new world of digital products and passive income and mastered digital marketing

(digital marketing is the KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL work from home -digital wealth academy course will cover EVERYTHIGN there is to know about mastering selling digital products and digital marketing!

Digital Marketing - and 4 quick steps
to how it all works!


Are you ready to embark on your new journey of owning your own online business reselling digital products and services that suit your unique niche? Are you ready to learn everything you would ever need to help you gain freedom of the 9-5, and live a life I know you so desperately want through learning and even reselling the digital wealth academy course, that is trusted by over 52k? I say go for it. I did and it changed my whole families life. To believe in myself and think yes I am capable, 

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