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Barefoot parenting is a combination of many  natural parenting methods combined. 

It is about stripping away how we think we should be raising a child, to how mother nature intend. Barefoot parents  see their child for the mind body and soul that they are and embrace their free spirits .They let their  child discover their own learning boundaries through natural child - led curiosity and unstructured play.

Barefoot parents  do not measure or try to guide their  childs development, they do not try to  push a  child to hit a milestone for which they might not be developmentally ready just because thats what parenting books suggest .

They support, rather than guide and they lend a hand when such help is requested

and needed. They do not believe in controlling and taking away the fun of play but rather to enjoy their child; letting them be free to be wild, without letting others judgements get in the way.They do not see their child as a project, in which they must mold into perfection" - but rather they embrace  and see their individuality.Barefoot parents embrace parenthood right from beginning,  They  feel Intune with knowing  their childs wants and needs by using motherly instinct and not following other " main stream parenting advice they have "read" .Barefoot  parents see themselves as equal to their children in the sense of respect, communication and values. They  immerse there child with love of  a natural quality of living and  embrace a life full of simplicity .Their children can be seen immersed with un structed  natural -open ended roleplay with children of different ages were they  are free to explore,and  test their limits, children are welcomed to learn and engage in essentially life skills by their parents . Barefoot parenting is the most natural and least stressful form of parenting, for both parent and child.  - it  is all about trustful parenting , not about parenting how others think you should. Its about valuing children’s autonomy. .Barefoot parenting is very similar and has the  same values of raising good mindful kids ,that many hunter - gatherer communities through out the world live by to this day.Its similarity also reflects the  millennia-old methods that were the  way our ancestries parented


We take a combination of parenting principles from other well known natural parenting methods combined them together to raise a BarefootChild - raising children the way mother earth intend 

free range parenting

  • the parent trust the child, and encourages  them to explore their environment

  •  children are free to challenge themselves out in the world

  • teach age appropriate skills

  • children are taught  to experience natural consequences

  • unstructured free play

  • encouraged to join into family decision making

  • outside play with nature / natural open ended play

  • embraces the childs wild side


respectful parenting

  • believes in using gentle discipline

  • encourages positive reinforcement

  • listens to intuition when attending to childs needs rather then what

"mainstream dictate"

  • birth bonding

  •  natural childbirth

  • extended breastfeeding

  • close contact/togetherness in first few years

  • baby wearing

  • does not let baby self soothe

  • safe bed sharing / co - sleeping

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unschooling /
natural learning

  • the parent trusts the child to learn at their own pace , through their curiosity and everyday living

  • the child is given the freedom to explore their individual interests

  • the child does not go to school or do "school like "work at home

  • the child participates in life skills


waldorf stiener
learn & play

  • believes children learn as they play

  • encourages organic


handmade open ended toys or materials, - like waldorf toys​,in playrooms

  • engages children to play amongst different age groups

  • Nurturing imagination, creativity and practical life skills within the child using quality eco supplies

  • allows children to play outside in all weather, as they see nature as a strong learning value .

  • minimise young kids exposure to technology 

woman lying on bed while covering her face_edited.jpg

new bohemian parenting

  • the childs embraces free spirit

  • parents nourish their childs individualism and artistic styles 

  • does not believe  wealth, reputation nor material possession are important in life but rather teach their child the importance of a natural quality of life

  • believes in natural child rearing , 

  • extended breastfeeding

  • cloth nappies,organic clothing,natural products,wooden eco friendly toys

  • Bohemian parents have a respect for the environment and a anti-establishment belief which they teach their children

  • embrace the childs wild side

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