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parenting philosophy


In terms of principles, bohemians are keen on being environmentalists and anti-establishment individuals. Due to most bohemian's anti-material way of living, they don't value money that much and would prefer to live in a community with secure freedom for expression. - they believe in raising their child with the same beliefs

The way of the bohemian mother is a  way of living that embraces a life full of music, art, literature, and the practice of freedom over possession.

Love is an important role that comes in different forms in many bohemians. It comes from appreciating various life forms, people, and cultures as well as traditions.

the bohemian mother is  open-minded to new ideas, especially those that  improve the quality of life within their family  They nourish their spirituality through the practice of yoga,meditation and being mindfulness -they are big lovers of  adventuring and being out amongst nature- often referred to as nomads.

they are strong believers in putting self-expression atop material cravings such as wealth and reputation.

their material world is full of second hand goods that are unique and earthly.The bohemian mother clothes her child in organic and/or handmade clothing ,and uses only the best all natural products on her little one.Bohemian parents use natural child rearing practices like extended breast feeding,cloth nappies,rubber dummies,the bohemian mother attends to childs every needs using motherly instinct and sutle approach

They allow there children  to roam and explore from a young age to test their own limits with gentle encouragement, but a close eye. The childs play is full on natural open ended  toys,musical instruments and alot of art supplies .you often see these boho mums, living a full life in a tiny home, on a community or travelling around with their children in a van life..They believe that work is not as important as it is  to live a simpler life which gives more time to enjoy their childs-childhood.They live a meat free diet and often grow there own foods,where they nourish their child in wholesome foods for the mind body and soul.Bohemian parents are all about raising children naturally - amongst other bohemian like minds and be believers on minimising their footprint on earth

  • teaches material wealth does not equate to happiness 

  • Avoid pursuing social prestige.but rather spiritual

  • Embrace free expression & free spirit.

  • practise sustainable living

  • follow natural child rearing practices

  • wholesome diets 
    and organic products 

  • embraces second hand and hand made goods


Image by Sarah Mak
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