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Ultimate gift ideas for a wildchild

Is your child abit of a so called wild-child, one of those children who love being immersed in nature,hanging from the trees, chasing the butterfly's and cooking up mudpies and potions.Well we have put together the Top 27 nature inspired gift ideas to keep them busy.Each product is environmental friendly, allows for exploration, imagination and wild adventures

We use affiliate links ,that means if you make a purchase from something we have shared below-BarefootChild will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.



Your Wild Journal

We just love this wild journal book!!

This journal explores the concepts of mindfulness, kindness and gratefulness. It introduces nature connection exercises such as a Sit Spot and a senses scan.This guided nature journal is a wonderful gift for young and old who are seeking more ideas for nature connection. Journaling can help children slow down, process feelings, encourage observation and build writing skills.It a perfect size to fit in their backpacks to take with them ,while exploring to take notes and observations.

Inside this beautifully illustrated journal, you'll find:
  • An overview of how to use the journal

  • Moon, sunrise and sunset tracking pages

  • A green time habit calendar

  • Detailed colouring pages

  • Step-by-step instructions for how to draw common natural treasures

  • Open-ended writing prompts

  • Log pages to record nature sightings

  • Lined, blank and dotted pages for open ended writing and creativity.

Printed in Australia on local, sustainably sourced paper.

Your wild journal book only $25 au

What better way for your little eco nature explorer to observe, identify and collect wild findings -Who’s up for a nature walk? Add tons of fun and excitement to any day outdoors with these great finds



Nature hunt wooden observation list

-There are12 items that can be found in your backyard, garden or local park. Once your child finds each item they can use a piece of chalk to tick it off the list, this is a great gift idea for the keen nature explorer.

Nature Hunt List only $20 plus delivery



Round nature find display

Is your child one of those nature treasure hunters, who love collecting different specimens they find while out exploring? This wooden round Nature find display chart is a great way to showcase their findings for the day, take a picture, research and discuss together, this is a great natural learning and observation platform for your wild one.

round nature find display chart - only $15.40



Magnify bug/specimen viewing box

This sweet little wooden bug box is perfect for displaying your little ones found treasures ,that they find out in nature.It has different size compartments and magnifications for their different findings whether it be - their bugs, flowers, leaves, shells or seeds they collect,they can easily observe them and keep them safe.

Bug viewing box only $16.99


Natural eco craft kit

We are just so inlove with these Eco Craft Kits.They contain natural materials for fun activities that don't harm the earth - think fairy potions, natural science experiments, natural play dough, natural paints and many more magical crafts

Each kit contains:

*4 types of dried flower petals

*2 types of botanical colour powders

*1 biodegradable glitter

*1 wooden spoon

*1 recipe & craft ideas booklet

All materials and packaging are plastic-free and compostable or re-usable, which means nothing has to go into landfill after the kids are finished with it.

Eco craft kit only $29.99 plus shipping

Have you got a little wilderness man in the making? You know one of those boys from peter pan , who love running wild,climbing trees and pretending they are about to fight captain hook,Well we have found the perfect tools to let their wild imaginations grow while improving their hand and eye coordination as well.



Bamboo bow and arrow set

We just love this Bamboo wooden archery set with soft rubber ends , Watch your child spend hours running around outside ,shouting target and pretending they are the lost boys

bamboo bow and arrow set only $45.90 plus postage



Set of 2 wood old fashion style sling shots

Iv just ordered these for my boys, !! This set of 2 slingshots are 100% handcraft with natural wood, they are very durable,great to let your wild one practised target shooting with, watch your child spend hours in make believe play.A must have for any little wilderness man.

2x sling shot set only $21.96 plus postage



personalised child's pocket knife

This personalised first pocket knife is perfect for your young adventurers .Each tool includes a knife (with blunt point), saw, scissors a awl and your choice of engraving. Ideal for carving, cutting, sawing and punching. Great to take for mini adventures, your child will find many uses out in the wild , with this one.

personalised pocket knife only $51.52 plus postage


Your wild imagination book

Not Sure how to incorporate more nature filled activities into your childs life? well this book has got you covered.You will discover new ideas for outdoor play, and also find ways to bring nature indoors - perfect for those times when you're stuck inside. Included are more than 150 stunning full colour photographs, accompanied by simple and easy to follow instructions. Nature provides an environment of high engagement. Research shows that children learn best though play, and the benefits are even greater for child-led unstructured play. Its time for More green time, less screen time!!

Your wild imagination book only $35 plus postage

These are great for those little flower child's out there,let your child run the meadows , pick wild flowers and create there own unique flower art with these great finds



flower press

This is a Full flower press kit with a herbarium journal,it comes with all the tools needed for flower pressing,in this preservation kit,you'll find many things like tweezers, scissors, utility knife, manual, sealing bags, saving bag, pressing fresh flowers & leaves for journaling, scrapbooking, and a herbarium notebook . Teach your child how to dry and preserve wildflowers, encourage exploration and nurture their 5 senses.

complete flower press kit only $79.99 plus postage



Diy flower kaleidoscope

The kaleidoscope is handmade and eco-friendly and is such a cute gift, this diy kaleidoscope comes with everything required for your child to build themselves and when there finished , watch them be amazed at the dried flower abstracts, The Colours of Magic,-In our childhood everyone of us had created our own unique world of miracles and fantasies where forests were full of elfs and fairies dwelling in flowers, where trees were inhabited by mysterious spirits.The random play of colours of the kaleidoscope induces memories of carefree childhood summers and their mysteries. Even today we cannot know if it was the forest spirits that created it's magic mosaics.

diy flower kaleidoscope only $44.30

(also comes in a pre built version)



earth paint set -

This is an outstanding eco-friendly and plant-based paint kit its gluten free and vegan friendly .The paints are made from 100% plant ingredients. The colour range is derived from plant, root, spice and flower pigments.Great gift for your wild artist,or maybe you might want to create your own eco paints with your child heres a great how to guide

This eco earth paint Kit contains: 8 x 50g plant-based powdered paints

eco earth paint set only $42 plus delivery

Its time to get them out the house,running wild through the gardens,stopping to smell the flowers to observe the fluttering butterflies fly past its time to get your little