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Our natural learning journey so far in april 2022

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How we Unschool

So this month the sun is still shining but our Tassie weather is getting colder again, but that doesn't mean we stop our adventures, our natural learning together or stop embracing the great outdoors.Alot of Natural learning has already happened this month and it is only the 10th.So this is some of the things we have learnt in our Unschooling Journey over the last week!

This Month's Natural learning so far

We found our very own secluded beach,by 4wding the kids practised parkour and balancing over rocks, questions were asked by indie about why the rocks were so smooth and round on the beach -so I googled this on my phone- they all learnt (myself aswell) that -

Over time they are worn smooth from being rolled around by waves and

these are

The 3 main effects that take place


Rocks collide causing the rocks to chip and become smooth.


the sand creates resistance and acts like sand paper to smooth the rocks.

Motion of the water-

The motion of the water pushes the rocks and causes the rocks to collide with the rocks and stream beds.

We also played maths addition games, whoever get the most correct answers out of 15 won the title of calling our new beach's name - Huey won so of course he called it Huey's beach.

- covering science, geography, pdhpe, English,maths subjects