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Homeschool / Unschool Registration

 learning plan 



Ultimate Guide

In Victoria your learning plan needs to require the following :

Your learning plan must include your childs full name and date of birth also it must include this 7 steps:


When and Where the "learning" will take place:

When : refers to the general schedule of learning. For example, will the instruction and learning take place on weekdays?


When: does not mean that you have to account for each hour, each day, each week or even each month. ·

Where : means the location in which the learning will take place throughout the year. For example, home, specialist locations such as a museum, library, swimming pool, school through a partial enrolment arrangement, etc. ·

Where: does not mean you must list every learning location you plan to use during the year.

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if your are using a Unschooling -Natural learning  approach


When :

As we are taking a natural learning approach to our educational plan there is hidden potential for learning ALL of the time.My childs learning is free to take place whenever and for however long my child feels necessary .Their learning will not be restricted to the normal school hours and days,as my child is always questioning and exploring so the "when" happens whenever learning opportunities come up an as natural learners -opportunities are endless.


Where :

As we are taking a natural learning approach to our educational plan my childs education will not only be limited to our home, but also within our community, on daily outings to shops,relatives and friends houses,at playgrounds,at the local swimming pool & the library  and within our home ed groups.Also when other learning opportunities arise this could be food markets,shows,holidays and lessons my child wants to attend We love being amongst nature so their learning can  also take place on outings to beachs ,bush walking and sight seeing. - note:

places we visit will be recorded down as they happen


How learning outcomes will be recorded :

The way you keep records is completely up to you -

you are not required to keep school like reports

You are required to keep records to show evidence / progress of your childs " learning"

- if your child is one of the end of year selected 10% families for review you can

provide the education department your records .

VRQA  do not mandate what the evidence should be or how you must provide it as they understand everyone's approach to education is different..Your records do not require to be copious .

You do not to keep times and daily records or use a "school like" approach.There is various  ways you can keep records of your childs learning , some ways  include : create a blog, write down in a diary or journal , you can take photos and create a learning photo album,save any work samples in a folder,or you can use a online recording  app.

VRQA provide optional record templates you can chose to use and provide if you are chosen for review listed below :

Here is some other examples from approved reviews using different recording methods  :

if your are using a Unschooling -Natural learning  approach


I will keep a diary i will jolt down things my child has done/ learned throughout the week i will included the date of the weeks  begining. In this i will also  list any resources my child has used or activities my child has done - i will also  list what kla it has covered .I will keep a plastic sleeve folder to keep any "hard copy" work they have done like drawings,lists,things they have wrote on ect.I will also take photos of learning experiences as evidence- this will be kept in a photo album and will form a part of a end of year review "visual learning portfolio" .

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