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home school Registration Timetable

It can take upto 3 months for approval of homeschool registration in QLD

 There is no home visits required for registration by the education department, everything is mostly done online via email


Parent submits application form to home education department  - (the Home Education Application Form for initial registration )- along with learning plan/ required documents

via online/ email, You can advise your child's current school of your intention to apply for (provisional) registration for home education and to end your child's enrolment,- you do not need your schools permission.If you have finished your learning plan then go to the step below. If you are in a hurry and haven't already created a learning plan you can write a note to the education department, this must be hand written and, send it via post asking for provisional registration under section 207 of the act you can find out more here ( this is a short-term registration for 60days,until you get your plan ready, you are instantly issued provisional registration once they receive your request/letter and they will notify you via email about your approval, WE DID THIS, you can view our example here, as you can see i was abit in a rush as we were in the middle of moving and i wanted to be covered for qld home-school rego before i left - the provisional letter had to include

(i)the applicant’s name; and
(ii)the child’s name and date of birth; and
(iii)the address of the child’s usual place of residence; and
(c)be accompanied by evidence, satisfactory to the chief executive, that—
(i)the child is eligible for provisional registration for home education; and
(ii)the applicant is a parent of the child.
I was given provisional registration for 60days from the date they received my letter( I expressed posted my letter and within 4 days had the provisional registration granted) This is the provisional registration letter of approval i recieved.View here

- a little tip from us (if you have applied for provisional registration ,and have received your 60days registration, just before the 60days expiry date comes, quickly apply for the full home-school registration under section 208, you are meant to include your prepared learning plan and attach it with this registration BUT if you need the extra time to finish the learning plan you can include a letter where you are meant to attach the registration form stating " I am currently finalising my Education Plan and will provide this within 28 days as required")  - so all up this gives you roughly 80 days to create a homeschool learning plan. If you need help with this you can view my 3 children's approved qld unschool/natural learning plans here ( You can use the qld templates they provide as a base for your plan or as you can see i just created my own, its up to you)

Usually within a week

After submission of the application for registration,you will receive a email stating you will be granted provisional registration under section 208 everyone gets this approval while they go over your learning plan for full approval ( this isn't the same as the section 207 provisional registration i discussed above). A notice of the provisional registration is emailed to you - you should start teaching your child at home following your learning plan by this time.You can view our letter here . If you didn't include your learning plan, just the form stating you are finalising it, now is the time to get it started . You will recieve a email in a couple weeks saying they need your learning plan before they decide if you are approved



By 3 months

The chief executive has 90 days to make a decision on the application you have sent and the decision time frame may be influenced by the material provided with the application in regards to procedural and other requirements.It is recommended you check your emails throughout the process , incase you need to provide more information.In this time you can home-school your child regardless of approval or not as you have provisional registration.Almost every learning plan is approved as long as it meets the requirements .The learning plan should include-

  • is responsive to the changing needs of the child as indicated by the short and long term educational and personal goals

  • has regard to the age, ability, aptitude and development of the child concerned

  • is conducted in an environment conducive to learning

  • is responsive to the child’s need for social development

  • utilises suitable and relevant teaching strategies to deliver the educational program to the child

  • engages the child in a range of rich and varied learning experiences

  • is supported by sufficient and appropriate resources

  • uses strategies for monitoring educational progress.


If your application is approved you will be issued a certificate for home schooling registration via email, this last 12 months and is on going, but you are required to send a report every 12 months, if your registration was not granted you will be sent an information notice ,you will have a right to request a review of the decision

Every 12 months

In queensland you are required to report your childs educational process,you do NOT need to re apply for next years home-school registration ,you stay APPROVED as long as your report packs are sent and meet the requirments. You will be issued with a report pack,that explains the process usually within the first 6 months of registration

YOUR home-schooling JOURNEY BEGINS

Also note :

If your child needs to be removed from school ASAP,you can apply for provisional registration under section 207 of the Act.  You will be granted an immediate 60-day period of registration only,you are not required to send documents ect,at the end of the 60 days it will expire If you wish to continue home-schooling after the 60-day period, you will still need to follow the registration process outlined above.This is a great option if you haven't written a learning plan yet.To do this you must send in a written letter to the education department asking for provisional registration,more on this above in first step

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