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What is Radical unschooling?

First of all What is radical Unschooling you ask ?

Radical unschooling extends the philosophy of unschooling into all aspects of life not just how you let your child pursue the way they learn but the way they live, its more about letting your child take control of choices that effect them .Just like as adults we make choices for ourselves not by someone else making those choices for us,

Have you ever thought why we think a childs duty- well atleast in theory - is to obey the orders we and other adults give them ? ... Have you ever questioned . Why?

Well thats what radical unschooling parents do they question the why.

Well believe it or not,the development of agriculture thousands of years ago triggered such a change in society and the way we parent and view children.

The bedrock of radical unschooling is trust and equality

Radical unschooling is a belief that our children possess an inner wisdom far beyond what we have been raised to believe, its about giving them that trust. Radical unschoolers view raising their children with the same values as themselves.

Here are sets of questions to ask yourselves

  • Why is it okay for us adults to stay up late ? but our children are made to go to bed by a certain time?

We know if we are tired we will either sleep in, go to bed earlier the next night or take a nanna nap.

  • Why is It okay for us adults to choose what we eat? but our children can only eat what we say, or no dessert ?

I'm sure most of us veggie eating adults , hated eating our greens when we were children,but look out us know , we are not forced into eating healthy but we choose to.

  • Why is it okay for us adults to chose what we wear each day? but our children must wear what we see as sociable acceptable?

I was a tomboy as a young child and wasn't allowed to wear what I wanted out in public, many tears and tantrums trying to force me into a skirt

  • Why is it okay for us adults to say no to many things our children ask,want or do ? but we expect our children to become independent capable young adults?

Do we ever say no you cant do that to ourselves,? or do we learn new things by giving it ago.

radical unschoolers believe children should be treated with the same respect as adults

Radical unschoolers believe that children should be treated with the same respect as adults are treated , in that they shouldn’t be coerced or forced into living their lives in any particular way other then how they chose to live it. After all it is them who walks their shoes

  • Rather than enforcing strict rules, unschoolers use principles.

  • Instead of imposing limits, unschoolers work with their children to help them live in a balanced and healthy way.

  • Instead of a strict schedule, unschoolers follow the natural flow of their lifes as a family

People may confuse radical unschooling with neglectful parenting. This is not the case. Unschooling is not “un-parenting”. Parents who live the radical unschooling life are very involved, mindful and intentional. It is not a free-for-all, or utter chaos, or children raising themselves, although mainstream media has tended to portray it as such .

Radical unschooling is parenting as a partnership instead of an authoritative relationship

Questions & answers on radical unschooling

How does a child get enough sleep ?

Radical unschoolers see their child, who stays up late everynight getting the recommended amount of sleep as the wake up later,take naps or go to bed earlier when they are tired.

Can a child eat what they want?

Yes a child is free to eat what they do or do not want,the family lunch and dinner is chosen together and based on what everyone wants , They also can eat when they want to. late night snack at 10pm sure.- afterall if us parents were hungry at that time we would eat right?

What if a child only wants to eat junk food?

I think as a parent it is important to only buy healthy and wholesome food for your family in the first place or understand trusting your child to make good choices is part of the radical unschool process. - my children will go grab a apple or healthy food if their are no other junk food options

What if my child wants to wear a batman costume to the shops?

Radical unschoolers allow their children to embrace their individuality and free spirits.

After all who are they hurting by wearing what the choose.? who cares what a few weird looks you may get, its about your child being who they want to be and not caring of others judgments

What if my child hates going to certain things?

Well if your child does not enjoy going to say.. soccer practise? you have to think is that what they really wanted to do in the first place?

The top two radical unschooling quotes are

  • Put them where they shine, don’t put them where they don’t shine.

  • Live and let live.

Radical Unschooling is about forgetting all the What if's,

Its about living a fulfilling life with your child , trusting their choices and believing they know when the time comes to make the best choices for them.Forget what you have been taught a childs duty is not to obey it is time to give your child the same freedom and trust you give yourself as a adult.

" The radical "

Is it so radical to live how hunter- gathers and even our primal ancestors raised their children.


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