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unschooling and meeting registration requirements

To view my approved learning plans for my two sons click here

Hello again , it seems like such a long time since I last wrote a blog post, But I thought since its a New year and I have alot of messages asking about how to create a Unschool learning plan to meet your states home-schooling education registration , I would just upload my APPROVED learning plan, I created for my 10-11 year old daughter for this year 2023- it covers the Australian education curriculum ,and it is adaptable as she grows. What alot of people do not realise is that the education department actually allow you to follow an unschooling approach to home-schooling along as you meet the registration requirements

( this means you mention how you will cover, english,maths,science,history and whatever other requirements your state have) The education department state that you are free to choose whatever learning philosophy that best suits your family and natural learning is one of them. Below is a list of a few various states in Australia and what they say about how your registration learning style is upto you.

QLD state -When documenting the summary of the educational program, you are encouraged to choose your own approach or style and to tailor your teaching style to the individual needs of your child.

NSW state- Home schooling does not mean operating like a school in the home. As long as the requirements for home schooling registration continue to be met, parents have flexibility about when and how they provide the educational program to their child or children

TAS state-Discuss which style of home education or pedagogy (for example, natural learning, eclectic approach, or curriculum based approach) you best identify with and are likely to use. You may decide to use a combination of approaches when developing a learning plan.

When creating my learning plan for my daughter, I wrote a list of everything I could think of that she enjoys doing, I then thought about all the other things she will get up to for the rest of the year, Aswell as I wrote down all the things that goes on in her daily life ,because no matter what I know she is learning naturally. I then put all this together covering each required key learning area for our states registration requirements (english,maths,history and so on) once I had a clear view of what she will be doing for the year ahead and wrote the final copy and sent it to the education department - I was approved by that afternoon, the draft and final copy took about 2 days to think,create and put together .

Natural learning is a holistic way of looking how to educate your child, learning is going on in everything your child does. Its up to us to allow them the freedom to explore their curiosity and learn at their own pace,to follow the path of nature and learn naturally.

You will be able to view the pdf file containing my daughters Approved unschooling learning plan below.I hope it helps you create a unschool learning plan for your child or gives you a example of how unschoolers learn.

approved unschooling learning plan-indie
Download PDF • 11.76MB

To view my approved learning plans for my two sons click here

To view more of our APPROVED reports and learning plans click here


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