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Learning to trust kids through unschooling

When it comes to raising our #children without school and without strict rules in place ,can We trust them enough to find their own learning path, to make good decisions and to become responsible young adults?

Since starting unschooling and stepping away from the #mainstream way of parenting, I have opened up to the idea that maybe my children were not these little people in which I had to try "mold into perfection" to meet the approval of others , that maybe my children do not need to be measured, compared or pushed to reach a "milestone" , just because that's what parenting books suggest .I now see, it does not make sense to hamper their curiosity and interfere with their own natural learning journey of the world around them ,of discovering themselves and where they fit in, because that's what is suggested.

My children are now learning problem-solving skills ,gaining a sense of independence, confidence and creativity skills .They are learning first - hand the cost of making mistakes while learning to take responsibility for their own actions , they are learning they are trusted and infact they are capable of so much, and I am now learning that when the time comes my children have all the tools required to be able to navigate through adulthood independently. After all, being an adult is to be independent, solve problems and make responsible decisions.

There are two gifts we should give children; one is roots and the other is wings- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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