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what are resources for unschooling?

How we Provide Unschooling Learning resources

As a Unschooling mum, when ever my children spark new curiosity's I know that they are passionate about, I take every opportunity to provide the "resources" and give them hands on opportunities as much as possible.Thats how unschooling works, children become curious and when they have curiosity of something that they truly love and enjoy they want to soak up as much information for the subject they can,so as a Unschooling parent you help provide them with the necessary tools.

So last year my eldest son 8 was very passionate about gemstones and crystals
( he still is )

We furthered his curiosity by using toys and tools

To help further his learning path for this passion we gave him the "resources," to help "teach" and "educate" him in geology over the year .So for birthday and Christmas presents he received a gemstone tumbler he absolutely loved using this .He would constantly be looking for special rocks whenever we were out - to smooth and polish in it .My boys love real tools, so we knew he would love a multi tool - that sand, polishes ,cuts -it does EVERYTHING - and oh does he ever ! - he uses this all of the time to polish and shine his "rocks and gems he finds and collects, He also received various gemstone dig kits ,crystals and a grow your own crystal kits.( they all came with information and gem facts , that he read and learnt more about) See by providing these resources, he is covering many science,& geography topics,(learning about rocks,/gems /crystals - how they form, the feel , how to identify, how and why they grow ,the history and how people value them etc.

He is also covering technology ,english and even maths topics - from using hands on "tools and machines , following a process ,reading instructions, information books ,discussing the price gems are worth, and lots LOTS more..


We furthered his curiosity by using nature

What better way to learn about gems and geology then using nature as a "resource "

having a real go ourselves, Last year, and still to this day -we go adventure to different spots trying our luck at finding our own crystals and gemstones,- My son received a gold sifter set and gold pan that he got of his grandma for his birthday , so we take that and have turns. Before we go ,we will google spots online that are " gems spots" , we discuss these together.

and to my shock we get lucky sometimes . My son has been able to find lots of amethysts, clear quartz crystals and a few other little gems himself which he gets very excited about.He loves observing them, cleaning and have open discussions about them.

He also received a metal detector for Christmas (this is the 2nd one as his first one a year ago was left in the rain!) - so whenever we are out and about , He gets this out to have a look for any - treasures and gold. He hasn't found either yet but his found some bullet shells, old metal and other random things.Throughout the year he has added to his "geologist" collection with his own pic axe, magnifying glass ,spray bottle,and specimen contains

He has been lucky to find lots of purple amethysts and clear quartz