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Shark Pack


the pack

 this pack is designed for younger children but can also be used for older children as it has great shark fact flash cards- simply create your own question sheets or add them to your other shark and ocean unit studies.🌊🦈

There is a variety of different cards to be cut out, some worksheets to do and lots of shark goodies you can add to your theme tables,classroom,invitations to play areas  or morning baskets 🌻

If you have a child care or preschool this pack can be printed multiple times allowing to be used for multiple children 

This will go great with our learning letter S for shark FREEBIE over at our website - you can find that here: free printables😀

This pack was inspired by our Unschooling boat trip where we came across a hammerhead shark in the lake.-mine me i was more scared of it then my children, who had lots of questions they needed answers to 🧐

As this listing has alot of detail and high graphic it was to big to download the pdf files to our etsy store. so, once you make a purchase, you will be automatically sent a pdf file containing the link to our shark pack on our websites " hidden " section - where you will be able to save download and save- we are sorry for the inconvenience

Whats in the pack - LIKE ALL OUR PRINTABLES  we create them to be printed on the one standard size A4 paper-making printing easier - then simply cut out any flash cards along the borders we create

There is a total of 25 pages to be printed, creating a little over 50 pieces once cards are cut out ( thick card stock looks best for our flash cards ) 

You will RECIEVE :   🌅

1x A4 size SHARK ANTOMY POSTER - best for a frame to hang in classroom or learning area⚓
1x A4 fill out shark anatomy worksheet
1x mini shark anatomy flash card ( the same as the poster but smaller for morning baskets) - to be cut out - best printed on thick card stock or laminated- measures 19cm wide x 11 cm high
1 x S is for shark match card - to be cut out - best printed on thick card stock or laminated
1x clip the letter s for shark flash card round edge - to be cut out measures approx -16cm high x 11.5 cm wide- best printed on thick card stock
8x MINI match the other halve of the shark to find out their names flash cards - to be cut out and best printed on thick card stock - each one measurements approx 13cm wide x10cm high once 2 halves are together
6x mini clip the NUMBER of shark counting flash cards - to be cut out - best printed on thick card stock or laminated- each one measures approx 10cm long x 8cm wide
5 x SHARK INFORMATION flash cards- to be cut out -best printed on thick card stock or laminated- each flash card measures approx 18.5 cm long x 13 cm wide
the information cards are :
-A sharks charactistics
- what is a shark
- the sharks jaw
- facts about sharks🦈
- shark describing words
4x a4 size cut out number 1- 10 and put together the shark activity - best laminated for multiple time use
1x A4 size pre writing skills - trace the doted lines to help the sharks reach thier dinner activity sheet- best laminated so can be wiped clean and drawn over multiple times- great for busy books.
1x A4 worksheet with 2 activities- can you draw a shark and tell me 3 describing words for a shark and what you would do if you ever encountered one.
1x a4 draw the missing halve of the shark and colour it worksheet
1xA4 shark colouring page
1x a4 cut and arrange the smallest to biggest shark activity worksheet
10x round edge number 1 - 10 shark counting flash cards | wall decor | best printed on thick card stock - to be cut out each card measures approx 14cm long x 10.5 cm wide
5x ocean theme props to be cut out- great to stick onto paddle pop sticks and use as puppets | ocean scenes | decor - 2x mini fish 1x seaweed and 2x large sharks- print on thick card stock or laminated.


if your having trouble downloading the large file- i have put it into 6 smaller files to download instead
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