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What does BarefootChild mean?

BarefootChild stands for NATURAL- after all we were all born barefoot.Being barefoot is being our true self's. Its is how nature intended.



Here at BarefootChild we are passionate about natural learning and natural parenting.

Hence why we created this blog in the first place. To help you follow your wild motherhood journey to.. We also love creating you nature inspired learning printables for your young one and have a range of natural products for your child. We strongly believe in embracing a natural childhood, reconnecting with nature and embracing a motherhood how nature intended. 


By choosing to allow your child to learn by following their own curiosity you are following the path of nature.We are all born naturally curious, the traditional school system and over protective parenting stunts this natural curiosity while curiosity is at the centre of the Unschooling and Natural Parenting's philosophy .We need to let our children chart their own paths for knowledge. WHY? because when a child is allowed to explore new knowledge at their own pace, things that they find useful and relevant, then you are creating a motivated child.You are creating a natural learner.

"The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity."- Edmund Burke



We are a Unschooling family of 5 living in the wilderness in Tasmania.We embrace simple living and adventures amongst nature and blog about our journey. We started this blog to help other families discover their path to simplicity to..

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There was a lovely metaphor I came across one day , I thought it was beautiful and reflected the view I have towards the way I parent, it went :

There was a  caterpillar who had gone into a cocoon. A person watching the cocoon

was struck by the struggle the poor caterpillar-now-butterfly had to endure while emerging.

He watched the little creature struggle and struggle and finally decided to help it along.

But no! help was not what the creature needed, for nature intended the struggle to be a struggle as it was a necessary part of development for the butterfly to grow stronger and able to fly.

Similarly, Natural Parenting is trusting that your children have within them all that is required for them to become strong, able butterflies and knowing that non-trust and over-interference could hamper rather than aid their development.

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